10 Best Family Bali Villas For Rent

Family bali villas

Usually, trips are meant to provide relaxation and rejuvenation. However, when you have a bunch of family members with all ages, it may turn into a nightmare. This is because each person has different set of requirements and priority. So, it is crucial that the chosen accommodation suits everybody’s requirement. The trips especially planned South Asian tourist destinations could be tricky. You need to do a lot of research to find the best deal. Despite Bali being a very small island, the number of villas and accommodation options are uncountable. Hence, in this article, you are going to explore the best family Bali villas suitable for all types of family requirements.

1. Villa Cendana:

This is a 5 master bedroom luxury villa perfect to make your family comfortable and relaxed. The villa is situated in Canggu. Hence, you have easy access to all the amazing attraction points. It has got a dazzling 17 m pool with attractive Patio setting.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the delectable cuisine in its spacious dining area. The villa has french influence in its architecture giving it a more engaging vibe. Book your stay in Villa Cendana and enjoy the experience in one of the most exotic family Bali villas.

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2. Villa Sylvia:

Want to stay at one of the newly designed modern villas, then you must come to Villa Sylvia. Its 5 bedroom comfort villa is suitable for a large-sized family. You can enjoy the serene view of rice fields from its splendid pool.

Even you can have fun in the Jacuzzi. The beautiful sun loungers and the charming Patio area would make your day warmer. Being situated in Canggu, this villa is highly approachable as well as peaceful. Go into the deep feel of luxury with Villa Sylvia.

family bali villas

3. Villa Der Mar 6:

Villa Der Mar 6 is a villa for huge groups and families. There are two villas which are interconnected and have 3 master bedrooms each. The proximity of this villa is only 50 meters from the Seminyak beach. You can come here even with your extended family and enjoy 2 amazing pools. Apart from families, group of friends can also come here and enjoy an authentic Balinese experience.

Moreover, these exotic family Bali Villas are near to the popular La Plancha. You can book your stay in Villa Der Mar 6 and enjoy an amazing stay at Bali.

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4. Villa Gardenia:

A family vacation in Bali would excel if you book your holiday villa in Seminyak. This is because it’s quite approachable and attractive. Villa Gardenia is an amazing 6 bedroom villa that provides 24 hours of entertainment and safety. Furthermore, the cable facility comes with a subscription to many Australian and English channels.

Moreover, you can enjoy several nearby restaurants, boutiques and spas. The amazing aspect of the villa is that its structure provides adequate peace and privacy to enhance your stay. Even if you are travelling with children, it’s not a problem. The villa staff will be able to arrange baby requirements. For instance, bedrails, stroller, cot and car seats could be arranged.

So, book your family tour today to Villa Gardenia.

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5. Villa Makarita:

This is a 5 bedroom authentic Balinese holiday villa with a 15-metre pool. The Oberoi Hotel is quite near to this villa, which makes it suitable to arrange public transports.

Also, the open-air living area is cherry on the top and majorly a centre of attraction. Moreover, the villa is designed to accommodate all ages and provide exclusive comfort. Also, you can get a cultural vibe by staying in Villa Makarita, one of the most authentic family Bali villas.

6. Villa Lulan:

Villa Lulan is a significant delightful holiday villa which is completely furnished and equipped with style. This beautiful villa has amazing proximity with Seminyak and Canggu areas. Consequently, it lets travellers explore southern Bali. Moreover, the villa is surrounded by rice fields which gives beautiful views from all around.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the stunning pool and the open kitchen. You can have a great experience in this exotic Villa Lulan situated in Umalas.

7. The Colonial White House Villa:

Among all the family Bali villas, this one is a stunning piece of architecture. This villa combines class and divinity. Its a 4 bedroom villa with a spectacular forest feel. It’s situated in Seminyak and is quite approachable. This means all the amazing restaurants and shopping areas are in your proximity. The calm and composed vibe make Colonial White House Villa a charming resting villa.

8 . Villa Ahh:

This is a western-influenced villa comprising a beautiful swimming pool and the lovely nature. It’s situated in Ubud and is quite near to the main centre of Ubud.

Moreover, the garden, dining area and the exotic bedrooms make Villa Ahh a perfect family holiday accommodation.

9. Villa Buddha:

Villa Buddha is a newly built 5 bedroom family villa located in the heart of Seminyak.

The villa is all set to provide comfort and luxury. For instance, it has an amazing swimming pool, a sandy porch area and the most exotic barbecue area.

So, plan your family trip to Bali and book Villa buddha for an amazing experience.

10. Villa La Banane:

If you want to spend some quality time in Umalas village, then this is the place. You can come to Villa La Banane which comprises the beauty and serenity. This villa is quite proximate to Canggu beaches. It is also close to Seminyak restaurants. You can book Villa La Banane for your family and friends to enjoy the amazing surfing sessions. Moreover, you can also dwell into charming sunsets with your closed ones.

So here comes an end to the list of top 10 family Bali villas. The listed villas are perfectly suitable to meet the requirements of a family. You can book then for all age groups and types of people. These villas are spacious as well as luxurious. Consequently, you will get the satisfaction for the money you have spent.

So, come to Bali and explore fun things around with your family and spend some amazing time away from your daily routine.

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